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April 6th, 2007

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06:51 pm - Argh
Dear Spring,

What the fuck?! Your mood-swings are worse than a Texan's with PMS.
It was 80 degrees yesterday. NOW ITS SNOWING. Why do you despise us so, Spring? It'd be really nice if there was some sort of defined season in this city... but, this is Pittsburgh. We get 70 degree weather in January and hail in the middle of July.

But hey... this weather isn't supposed to last past today. Wee! And the flowers are out... I got to offer flowers from my garden to Shiva :) Having the Deities in my home has actually boosted my devotion- being able to see God can only help in growing an intimate connection, after all. I was annoyed at Vijay for doing that(he randomly decided to send me sphatik Shiva Parivar deities and a throne) becuse I can't properly worship... but someone had said to me, "It doesn't matter if all you do is bow before them and leave. If you have pure devotion and love in your heart, that is your whole worship- they will accept it." So I'm doing what I can :)

This week isn't shaping out much better than last... blegh. I spent most of Monday and Tuesday in the Emergency Room, with infected, bleeding ears. I'm on 3 different medications right now, all of which affect me differently... I feel like I'm stoned every day :\ That would be kinda fun if I wasn't in school, hehe. Ian and I still have yet to finish our project too... we're attempting to get the other girls out of our group and just use random people for the other characters. Our friends would be much more suited to it than a bunch of girls who show up stoned or drunk, leave, bring other people... ><

I have Chemistry to do. It won't get done, because I don't care. But I should at least pretend...
Current Mood: crazycrazy
Current Music: Shiny Toy Guns- le disko

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