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March 24th, 2007

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04:54 pm - Open Mic
I love open-mics. I love them more than life ITSELF! More than COFFEE!

I got my chance to go in and witness the magic last night! Wee! I was wandering around in the very hippyish head-shop area of Bloomfield. I fucking love Bloomfield... record shops, head-shops, cheap(and AMAZING) coffee, restaraunts with food from every bloody part of the world, weird people... how can you not dig it? My dad had to go up there for some sort of business thing, I dunno... but I was left to wander alone, and what do I see written in gossamer teardrops across a cafe window?


I *love* these things, because, as stated, ANYONE can go up to the mic and start rambling. Some people really suck... cocky, but yet no real sense of humor. Some guys are hysterical- they've got a message and an attitude, they know what they're doing- its awesome. And then there are the psychos who just wander in off the street, like "There's a device attached to speakers and I can talk into it? OH the demon-monkeys in my hair will have their message heard!" And they are what make going to these things worth it!! So I crossed my fingers, and sure enough a couple of raisincakes wandered in, to make the night all the more like a magical venture into dementia and hilarity :) Whee!

One particularly funny incident must be shared. The guy's name was Rob, and just by the way he took the "stage"(a throw-rug and 2 speakers in the back), I knew I'd like him. And he was hilarious. He killed- he had everyone laughing. However, there are two girls up front that didn't quite think so... through his entire skit they were pulling out their cell-phones and texting someone, and eventually one of them said *very* loudly, "Let's just GO already!" The guy even stopped and asked them if anything was wrong.
The ironic retort: There's too much fucking swearing!
That gets everyone laughing, even him. Come on, what's comedy without a little cursing? Juvenile, but all the funnier, yes? He said to them, "You're not serious, are you?"

"Its just not clevah, the way you're always cursing."

God, I wish I would've brought a camera to record the next 10 minutes or so. First off, these girls were the type that have probably never been debated about a single thing in their lives- the type of beautiful girl that lives in a movie-like world where everyone succumbs to their whims without a second thought. They were the Paris Hilton-esque clones you can find in most teenage/early-20's women today... *shudders*
It was so much fun watching their antsy, verging-on-panic reactions to Rob's questioning of their opinions. One of them kept looking back demonically everytime someone laughed at what he said... and he kept giving them chances to leave, but they were determined to stay and win... "Win" in their world= saying "fuck off" and that being the victory for their side. When he didn't stop(not taking 'fuck off' as the end of the argument), they got to screaming. Bizarre, non-verbal shrieking that I'm sure had someone put a glass in front of them, the screams would have carved sonic shapes into it.
After a long time, they finally left, one of them turning around to yell at him, "I'm not THICK!" which really isn't something you should have to say outloud to yourself or another person.

I've met some amazing and hilarious people, drank more coffee than I probably should have, and it's been a good weekend so far :) This is why I love these little schizo things that that randomly happen, which I am so blessed to stumble upon.

Now let's see if I can actually get any sleep...
Current Mood: bouncybouncy

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