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St. Patricks Day - The nomadic Mind

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March 18th, 2007

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09:23 pm - St. Patricks Day
Yesterday was St. Patricks Day! Or, everyone on the planets' excuse-to-get-tanked day. Whee!

Me, I was at a party... for two days. Think of the possibilities!! Maybe you don't wanna do that though... For the sake of your own peace of mind ;P
This was at Megan's house, too... so needless to say I'm no longer mentally sound. I'm running on no sleep, and I'll show you why:

Because you will be turned into a couch.

I've been coucherized


The insane amount of sugar probably didn't help though, either :P Mixed that all up with the HORRIFYING movies I was not allowed to miss, and you've got yourself one serious basket-case in the morning. All 3 'Saw' movies.... the next person to tell me a movie "really isn't gory!" might get punched.

I saw someone's head explode. I saw someone's entire fucking head BLOW UP!!!
Who could possibly think to put that in a movie? And that wasn't even one of the *bad* parts... let that sink in. o.O

I drank Smirnoff! It tasted like sour fruit juice... I don't see the appeal. At least you know I won't be getting drunk anytime soon :P Funny as that'd be to witness...

Aside from uh, all that... was a good time :) Never pass up a chance to have fun for just about no reason.

And now for some good old-fashioned random:

I forget where/who I got this from, but I know someone gets credit for making it up! :P List all the things you like...

I like the smell of soil after rain
I like the blending of beautiful colors you see in someone's eyes
I like getting mail
I like India
I like tiny gestures of kindness
I like falling asleep listening to rain
I like potting plants
I like traveling
I like hearing "I love you"
I like saying "I love you"
I like people who can take a joke
I like music that can cause intense emotions(namely joy)
I like beta fish
I like Italian food
I like 3 a.m
I like dancing
I like exhausting myself doing something I love
I like cheesy B-movies
I like black and white photography
I like sketching
I like making stuff
I like incense
I like reading books that change you, or move you
I like singing, despite I'm terrible
I like making people laugh
I like 3 day weekends
I like coffee
I like being at Eat 'N Park with marching band people until 2 a.m
I like stand-up comedy
I like being able to laugh at things in my life that aren't funny
I like finding new things that deeply affect me
I like talking to everyone
I like seeing/finding great things(and sometimes people) on accident
I like yoga
I like cold pie
I like you... whoever you are.

What do you like?

Current Mood: sleepyTiredddd
Current Music: Sonya Kitchell- simple melody

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