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April 1st, 2007

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02:36 pm - Your dosage of nutrient-rich nonsense
Egh... been a bad week, physically and psychologically. Tests, quizzes, projects, labs, music memorization, due-dates, expenses.... AAAAAAAAAAH!

Conditioning for the Cherry Blossom parade has made it hard to stand up straight :P It's a very long parade, so we've been marchin' our butts off. And our band doesn't do that crappy shuffle-walk thing all the other bands do, either- we do high-step Big 10-style marching, so that only makes it harder to keep from getting winded after a few minutes. X.X Marched and played 9 times around the entire school... *dies*
Its 2 weeks from today!! Weeeeeheeheeee! Spending 4 days down there... its the first trip we've gone on in the 4 years we've been in band, so we're PSYCHED. Now... if we could just remember the music :P And now to march in parade-form... "How is it possible to not know how to march in a straight line?" you ask... you'd be surprised. But its all been fun, and at the very least we'll show the good people of D.C that we can make some damn good straight lines x)

Ian and I have been attempting to work on a film-project for English... it's been less than fun. People in our group show up with other people, leaving during filming, showing up drunk... We get nothing done and by the end of the day we want to bash our heads in. But we have to finish this- it's 150 points we can't really afford to lose. Its just a matter of figuring out how exactly we're going to DO anything...

And, well...
I'm single now. Hooray. I feel bad about this still, but I really shouldn't, considering our situation by the time this ended... and especially now that everyone's telling me how much of a prick Jon is to them, and other such unsavory things about him. Buddha said "believe nothing that you hear and only half of what you see"... but I've seen plenty to easily believe what's being said, so fuck it.

But in better news...

I've been spending a lot of time with Ian lately, because of the project, and being around such a crazy, happy, Zen person has been helping me keep my sanity intact! I'm sure were it not for him, I would've beaten someone with a bat by now... probably someone in my Chemistry class... Oy!
And one day while hangin' out in his room, burning incense and staring at the ceiling, he brings out some piece of pure bloody gold that is a VNV Nation album, and puts it on... I think I listened to the whole thing with my mouth agape in amazement...
VNV stands for 'Victory Not Vengeance,' meaning one should strive to achieve instead of sit in bitter regret. It has political, as well as a philosophical and spiritual undertones, that don't advocate any ideology- it is a metaphor of expression. Their music is similar... it ranges from electronic dance to classical, and their style was inspired by underground club culture and industrial music prominent in Europe...

The lyrics speak beautiful, philosophical truths and touch the core of your soul, fusing with the driving beat of the music... it will move your body and your soul. It is amazing! Check it out:

End of Days <- this is my favorite song...



Henry, Zyzzy... We are so going.

Now I need to go to the doctor and find out why my ear feels like it's filled with fluid. Despite I can still hear perfectly. This should be interesting in bad ways.
Current Mood: lazylazy
Current Music: VNV Nation- end of days

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